Why You Don’t Want Africanized Bees in Your Yard

We all know that we should take care of bees. We are often told that we should help out a tired bee whenever we see them on our property, favoring them with a little sugar water so that they can get on their way and start pollinating our plants once more. We all know that bees are an integral part … Read More

What to Do If a Bee Stings Your Toddler

toddler bee sting

As a parent, dealing with a bee sting on a young child can be a scary prospect. However, knowing how to handle the situation in advance will give you the best chance of minimizing the damage and keeping your child before getting things back to normality. Here are some tips to handle a toddler bee sting. What to Do If … Read More

Bee of the Month: Long-horned Bees

long horned bee

We have all gotten used to the average look of a bee—round fliers with black and yellow stripes. But this bee type has an extra long feature distinguishing them from the rest of the hive. The long-horned bee is unique with their added antennas to the bodies. These little buzzers put their additions to good use when it comes to … Read More

How to Involve Your Kids in Your Home Gardening

child beekeeper

Many children are fascinated with watching plants grow and tending to them to help with the growth. Gardening with kids could be as educational as it is fun, and there are many lessons they can learn from placing a seed in the ground. Children feel a sense of success when they start seeing the first sprout pop from the soil … Read More

Bees to the Mound: Bee Hive Takes over Dugout at Baseball Game

bee box

Baseball is a staple of summertime, and everyone wants to spend their day watching this sport, including some buzzing insects. At a game in Corpus Christi, TX, they discovered beehive in baseball dugout who had invaded to watch the game. They took over the space to let players know they are ready to take the mound for a home run. … Read More

The Difference Between Wasps and Bees


Summertime brings many insects out to enjoy the sunshine and flowering of the vegetation. You probably started noticing a lot more buzzing around your home or garden, as it is the prime season for bees and wasps. But how can you tell the Difference between wasps and bees? As they buzz by you, they seem to look the same and … Read More

Bee of the Month: Squash Bees


Summer is the crucial period to plant your pumpkins and squash for the upcoming fall season. By the time the more cooling season arrives, you have a lush bounty of these vegetables to decorate your home with or make recipes for the upcoming holidays. The little helpers you need by your side for a bountiful harvest are the squash bees, … Read More

3 Preventative Steps to Take To Avoid an Africanized Beehive

With summer in full force, it is the prime time for a swarm of Africanized honey bees, and it is critical to avoid a hive of this aggressive bee type. Preventative care against Africanized bees in the season for these little buzzers helps you prevent an incident from occurring in your home. The aggression of these bees makes them dangerous … Read More

The Importance of Bees for Your Vegetable Garden


Many people believe bees flying near your new vegetable garden is a bad thing—this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bee pollination for your vegetables leads to the success of a good harvest. If bees don’t pollinate your pumpkin flower, it might not begin the growing process for your crop, and you won’t have a jack o’ lantern for your … Read More

Types of Bees: The Buzzing Guide


Not all bees are alike, even while they buzz through our ears in the height of the Spring season. There are so many bee types—they can pollinate every flower to pop up from the ground. Each kind of bee has an importance in the pollination of our vegetables and plants. Their characteristics also have a broad range from gentle buzzers … Read More