The Difference Between Wasps and Bees


Summertime brings many insects out to enjoy the sunshine and flowering of the vegetation. You probably started noticing a lot more buzzing around your home or garden, as it is the prime season for bees and wasps. But how can you tell the Difference between wasps and bees? As they buzz by you, they seem to look the same and have almost the same aggressive nature.

Protect yourself from a horrible interaction with these flyers by finding out the distinctions between bees and wasps.

What’s the Difference between Wasps and Bees?

Some individuals flinch at just hearing wasps and bees, as these buzzing insects tend to inflict harm when you provoke them. But you don’t have to live in fear when you begin to distinguish each of their characteristics.

Features of wasps

If you are planning a picnic anytime in the summer, you might want to watch out for wasps. They might have a more slender body compared to bees, but they like to feast on the same food we love. The big difference between wasps and bees is their eating habits, as wasps go for more human food unlike the pollen and flowers bees eat.

Wasps also tend not to have hair like bees and have smaller colonies building their habitats. They construct their hives out of fiber and saliva for a more papery home. Wasps will cause harm even if you don’t provoke them, so look out for these more narrow flying insects.

Features of bees

While wasps will attack you at any moment, you have to give bees a reason to attack you. The distinction of bees to wasp is they have more hairy and robust bodies. While some bee types are solitary, they often have more massive colonies to make their hive. They love to indulge their cravings for pollen and flowers.

Bees also don’t hibernate with the seasons, and wasps tend to sleep through the cold winter. They also help maintain your garden with flourishing vegetation, where wasps will most likely eat away at your vegetables.

Do You Have More Aggressive Bees Near You?

Africanized honey bees are similar to the aggression of wasps, which makes them dangerous to have around your home. Bee Masters offers bee relocation in Las Vegas to prevent an unfortunate incident from occurring to your family. Contact us today for our help!